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TSI Mask Integrity Test Appartus Mita


Designed by the leaders in quantitative fit testing technology, the TSI Mask Integrity Test Accessory (MITA) 8120 works in tandem with a PortaCount ® Respirator Fit Tester to test full face respirators for leaks and ensure they are functioning as designed.

  • Separate tests for overall mask integrity (Protection Factor), exhalation valve and drink tube
  • Integrated aerosol wand pinpoints leak locations, allowing for immediate evaluation and repair
  • Full head form configuration allows for use of the mask's head harness, mimicking real-life application and providing better representative results
  • Single head form with an enhanced bladder seal system creates a tight seal for most gas mask and full face respirator types and sizes
  • Easy-to-read display provides an intuitive step-by-step test sequence, requiring minimal operator training
  • Streamlined menu structure and no-nonsense keypad eliminate redundant button pushing
  • Quick setup/teardown process saves time
  • Efficient test sequence allows for 12 masks per hour or more throughput
  • Packaged for ease of transport with one carrying case for the instrument and all components

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