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Hydrosteel 7000

Fixed, Continuous Hydrogen Flux Detector

Hydrosteel 7000 is a fixed, totally non-intrusive device for the continuous monitoring of hydrogen flux at high criticality sites within petrochemical, gas production and petrochemical refining operations. Hydrosteel 7000 provides minimal downtime, optimal effectiveness of corrosion prevention methods and evaluation of corrosivity arising from the use of opportunity crudes.

  • Monitors hydrogen flux at high criticality sites
  • Totally non-intrusive device
  • Logs flux and steel temperature at 10 minute intervals
  • Measurements stored internally
  • Communicates to a data control system or data logger via two 4-20mA outputs
  • Data download to a PC via RS-232 for analysis
  • Operates in harsh environments; dust storms, rain, wind, humidity, VOCs and hydrogen
  • Operates in varying ambient temperatures -20 oC to 55 oC, -4 oF to 131 oF
  • Simple use - no need for human interference
  • Full commissioning service and convenient service exchange system available

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