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Innova 3751-2, 3751-5 & 3750 Tracer Gas Monitoring System

The INNOVA 3751-2 Advanced Ventilation System Dual Gas version and INNOVA 3751-5 Advanced Ventilation System Multi Gas version are unique fully integrated solutions in the market. By enabling the use of accurate tracer gas methods, they are excellent products to perform advanced performance studies or testing on ventilation system.

  • Multi Gas Monitoring, e.g. SF6 as tracer and CO2 as complementary marker in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitors application
  • Flexibility in the choice of tracer gas, (SF6 or R134a)
  • Enabling all tracer gas methods: concentration decay, constant injection (or tracer gas dilution)
  • Low detection limit and advanced dosing control to minimize the consumption of expensive tracer gas
  • Ease of use, even for non-experts in gas instrumentation
  • "Calibration free"

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