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GfG RAM 50 Series Continuous Monitor for CO & VOC Contaminants

Continuously Detection Your Breathing Air.

Designed to meet OSHA requirements for the monitoring of Grade D respirable air from oil lubricated compressors this versatile instrument, with years of proven performance, can be used for a wide range of applications.

Equipped with a MOS Broad Range sensor, the monitor not only responds and alarms to excessive carbon monoxide which enters the airline system, but also to hydrocarbon contamination and other oxidizable toxic gases. A durable corrosion resistant and tamper proof case, rugged electronics, automatic purge, stable calibration and continuous sample flow indication, are all combined to insure trouble free operation. The RAM 50 is available in two models, the 1540 or 1541(with built in horn). Both may be purchased with or with out an airline filter system.

  • Meets OSHA Requirement for Compressed Breathing Air
  • Continuous Monitoring of Supplied Air
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • AutoCalR Calibration and Maintenance
  • Three-Stage Filtering Option for up to 8 Users
  • Personal Air Line Monitor

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