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GfG PH/Redox/NH3/NH4 Detector Minical II/Variocon 2010 in Water

MiniCalR III

For reliable leakage detection in cooling circuits

The MiniCal III system was designed especially for detection of ammonia leakages in cooling circuits. Many years of experience lead to the development of this robust and practical system which can be used in water as well as in brine circuits.

By using ion selective resp. gas sensitive electrodes a reliable and early detection of leakages in cooling circuits is provided. Even at lowest Ammonium, resp. Ammonia concentrations safety precautions can be taken in time. The integrated controller provides a linear 4-20 mA output signal which can be connected to an evaluation unit or directly to a PLC.

  • Quick and reliable detection of leakages
  • Simple operation and installation
  • Increased safety by flow survey

Variocon 2010

The universal measuring amplifier/controller for pH, redox and chlorine measuring applications

pH, redox and chlorine/ozone measurements are required daily in many industrial water applications. It is therefore especially important that the measuring instruments used are reliable, simple and uncomplicated to use. The clear layout of the front panel and the simply labelled operating buttons of the VARIOCON 2010 help the user to find his way around the operator control levels without any difficulty.

The modern configuration of the instrument enables individual settings to be made for many measuring and control tasks in industrial and municipal applications such as swimming pools, neutralizing plants, refrigeration plants, sewage plants, water treatment, chemical plants, ... - wherever the pH value or redox reading gives an indication of contamination or neutralization. The same applies to chlorine and ozone measurements (especially in swimming pools).

  • Compact, robust measuring amplifier for pH, redox, chlorine
  • Easy operation designed for practical use
  • Good price/performance ratio

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