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Sampling System


The sampling system , Type GMA-ASV I/1 is designed for monitoring the content of NO in the sampled gas by means of a built-in transmitter.

    The sampling system consists of the following components:
  • Condensate trap with filter and cooling spiral
  • Diapraghm-pump for gas
  • Flowmeter with needle valve
  • Transmitter EC24 1.000ppm NO with flow adaptor


Compact gas sampling system integrated in GMA 200 housing

With the GMA 200-MGSS gas sampling system, GfG masters these challenges by combining the reliable GMA 200 controller with internal sensors and a electronic gas sampling feedpump. Samples of combustible and toxic gases can be taken from critical areas, processed and analyzed. Afterwards the gas sample can be fed back in the process or in safe areas.

  • Efficient alternative to high-priced sampling systems
  • Electronic sampling pump
  • Fully automated flow control
  • Internal gas distributor for one catalytic combustion sensor and two electrochemical sensors
  • Condensate trap, water filter and flame arrestor

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