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ION Science GasCheck, Leak Rate Detector

Accurate gas leak measurement,
Rapid readings of even the smallest leaks

GasCheck leak detector is capable of detecting almost any known gas or gas mixture. The micro thermal conductivity sensor responds rapidly to a leak helping you to detect even the smallest quantities of escaped gas.

GasCheck is conveniently calibrated against helium - the most commonly used tracer gas - and is particularly sensitive to ammonia, argon, butane, hydrogen, SF6 and refrigerants. The instrument range offers intrinsically safe versions for use in areas classified as zone zero flammable and can also safely detect flammable gases.

GasCheck 3000 : The simple, easy to use leak detector Designed specifically for search and location of non-flammable gases, such as helium and CFC's.

GasCheck 3000is : An intrinsically safe leak detector 3000is is an ATEX approved intrinsically safe version of the 3000 instrument designed specifically for use in flammable areas and for the search and location of flammable gas leaks.

GasCheck 5000is : An advanced leak detector with download capability for easy data analysis 5000is benefits from many advanced features including data logging with a date and time stamp, a choice of readout units ppm or ml/sec, and an adjustable alarm level. 5000is can also download its data logged results to a PC for analysis via an infrared link. The accompanying software allows for the creation of graphs from the downloaded data and printed reports.

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