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Wahl Temp Plate Decals

Temp-PlateR Irreversible
Temperature Recording Labels

High Accuracy Infrared Thermometers

Wahl's Temp-PlateR temperature recording labels are NIST traceable, self-adhesive and can be read at a glace. Where exacting temperature is critical, their miniaturized size permits installation on parts and in areas where other recording instruments prove impractical.

  • Easy, self-adhesive installation on most surfaces
  • Heat-sensitive indicator "positions" turn permanently black when the rated temperature points are reached or exceeded
  • Positions are carefully graduated to allow readily visible temperature history information
  • Calibrated to 1% NIST traceable accuracy from 90oF to 500oF (32oC to 260oC)
  • Wide selection of temperature ranges (both oF and oC), sizes, and number of recording positions
  • Provides a permanent record of overheating
  • High-visibility graphics (red, white and black) ensure easy, quick, and positive readings, even in low-light conditions and small label sizes
  • Each temperature position is clearly printed with the rated temperature
  • Resistant, when properly installed, to solvents, fuels, grease, oil, water and steam
  • Continuous monitoring with no interruption due to power failure or battery exhaustion

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