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Portable Single or Multigas Atmospheric Detector

Microtector III G888

Modern personal protection

The development of the Microtector III G888 focused on the requirements of a modern multi-gas detection instrument for use in personal protection. The result is a multi-gas warning device that is safe, robust and practical and has proven itself in daily working conditions.

  • Safety through quality and functionality
  • Remote monitoring keeps employees safe
  • Designed for difficult working conditions
  • Be prepared for an emergency
  • Suitable for long operating times
  • Data Logger
  • Maintenance & documentation

Polytector III G999

Universal Worker Protection

The Polytector III G999 combines the demands of a modern multi-gas detection device for protecting workers with the ability to safely measure confi ned spaces using an integrated pump. As a robust and sophisticated multi-gas detector, it is versatile in its application and fl exible in sensor combinations

  • Safety Through Quality and Functionality
  • Designed for Difficult Working Conditions
  • Ample Battery Power for Long Operating Times
  • Data Logger
  • Remote Monitoring to Protect Employees
  • Prepared for an Emergency - Alarm for Exercise
  • Maintenance & Documentation - Location-Independent and Legally Compliant

GfG G460 Single or Multigas Detector

The World's Most Advanced Multi-sensor Atmospheric Detector

The durable G460 continuously measures and displays readings for up to six gases at the same time.

The G460 is compact, robust and very easyto- use. The dust proof and highly water resistant (IP-67) housing is designed to survive the toughest environmental conditions. The housing even includes a built-in rubberized boot to withstand the hard knocks of confined space entry.

  • Exceptional HAZMAT and Confined Space performance
  • Up to 6 channels of detection.
  • PID sensor for direct reading of toxic VOCs
  • Infrared (IR) sensors for CO2 and combustible gas (0 % LEL - 100% volume)
  • Full 3-year warranty on O2, Combustible, CO, H2S and CO2 sensors
  • Wide range of additional sensors including SO2, HCN, Cl2, NH3, PH3, H2, NO, NO2, ClO2, O3, ETO and more!
  • Highly configurable smart sensor design
  • Full featured, rugged design
  • Optional motorized pump operable in diffusion or sample draw mode
  • Affordable price!

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