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INNOVA 1512 For Testing Break Through Time Of Masks For Gases

PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester complies with new OSHA Modified CNC Protocols.

The InnovaŽ 1512 Photoacoustic Gas Monitor is a highly accurate, reliable, and stable quantitative gas monitoring system. Its measurement system, based on the photoacoustic infrared detection method, is capable of measuring almost any gas that absorbs infrared light.

  • Selectively measures a wide range of gases/vapors
  • Linear response over a wide dynamic range
  • Stable and Reliable: ensuring a maximum of only two calibrations a year
  • User-friendly: easy calibration, configuration, and viewing/analyzing of data via PC
  • Accurate: compensates for temperature and pressure fluctuations, water vapor
  • interference, and interference from other known gases
  • Extremely low-volume flushing possible
  • Operates immediately: virtually no warm-up time necessary
  • Remote control capability via TCP/IP network interface protocol
  • Expandable up to 24 locations with Innova 1409 Multipoint Sampler: the Gas Monitor can operate as the system controller for full standalone operation

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