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Dust Detectors

MODELS 8533, 8533EP AND 8534

Desktop Models: Ideal for Long-Term Surveys and Remote Detecting Applications

The DustTrak DRX is also offered as a standard desktop (Model 8533), as well as a desktop with external pump (Model 8533EP.) Both models have manual and programmable data logging functions, making them ideal for unattended applications. The standard desktop model is most suitable for indoor, continuous monitoring, while the desktop with external pump is designed for 24/7 unattended, remote monitoring outdoors.

The DustTrak DRX desktop models come with USB (device and host), Ethernet, and analog and alarm outputs allowing remote access to data. User adjustable alarm setpoints for instantaneous or 15-minute short-term excursion limit (STEL) are also available on desktop models. The alarm output with user-defined setpoint alerts you when upset or changing conditions occur.

  • Long life external pump (8533EP)
  • Internal pump (8533)
  • Hot swappable batteries
  • Gravimetric reference sample capability
  • Auto zeroing module (optional accessory)
  • STEL alarm setpoint
  • Long life internal pump (8534)
  • Single-point data collection for walk through surveys (8534)


Any Environment, Any Application

The DustTrak Environmental Enclosure Model 8535 can be used in conjunction with a DustTrak Aerosol Monitor for many different applications. While its primary use is in outdoor applications, it may also be advantageous in indoor industrial applications to provide additional security and protection for the instrument. The enclosure should be set up in a location where it can easily sample the aerosols of interest. It should be placed away from obstructions which may affect wind currents. The sampling inlet on the Environmental Enclosure samples most efficiently from 0 to 22 mph (0 to 36 kph).

MODELS 8530, 8530EP AND 8532

Easy to Program and Operate

  • Measure aerosols in high concentrations up to 400 mg/m3.
  • External pump (Model 8530EP) with low power consumption for continuous, unattended monitoring in remote outdoor locations.
  • Gravimetric sampling capability using a 37-mm filter cassette which can be inserted in-line with the aerosol stream allowing you to perform an integral gravimetric analysis for custom reference calibrations.
  • Zeros automatically using the external zeroing module. This optional accessory is used when sampling over extended periods of time. By zeroing the monitor during sampling, the effect of zero drift is minimized.
  • STEL alarm feature for tracking 15-minute average mass concentrations when alarm setpoint has been reached for applications like monitoring fugitive emissions at hazardous waste sites.

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