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Combustibles Gases

Transmitter CC28

State-of-the-art detection of combustible gases

Whereven hazards by combustible gases or vapours are to be expected, the transmitter CC28 and GfG's proven monitoring systems are the right choice for reliable surveillancel. The ATEX-certified design, an integrated, Ex-proof buzzer and bright alarm LEDs provide highest safety including visual and audible alarm even in hazardous areas. Thus the gas alarm does not only alert the man in the central but also the man at site.

  • Display of gas concentration at transmitter
  • Ex-proof visual and audible alarm
  • ATEX approval II 2 G EEx dem ib IIC T4
  • One-man calibration at transmitter by means of touch keys or remote control
  • Plug-in smart sensor - Sensor replacement without opening of casing

CS 21 Transmitter

Low Cost Solid State Sensor

The CS 21 transmitter uses the proven chemosorption detection principle for detection of toxic gases, vapors and combustibles. The rapid response of the transmitter provides opportunity to take counter measures and thereby limit damages. The long life of the sensors makes the CS 21 a low-cost solution for your detection needs. A transmitter can be continuously operated for more than 5 years

  • High sensitivity to a broad range of refrigerants
  • Long sensor life
  • Fast response

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