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Transmitter EC28

The smart transmitter

Whereven hazards are to be expected, the transmitter EC28 and GfG's proven monitoring systems are the right choice for reliable surveillance. The ATEXcertified design, an integrated, Ex-proof buzzer and bright alarm LEDs provide highest safety including visual and audible alarm even in hazardous areas. Thus the gas alarm does not only alert the man in the control room but also the person at site.

  • Reading of gas concentration at transmitter display
  • Ex-proof visual and audible alarm
  • ATEX certificate II 1 G EEx ia IIC T4 / II 2 G EEx em [ib] IIC T4
  • One-man calibration at transmitter by means of touch keys or remote control
  • Plug-in Smart Sensor - Sensor replacement without opening of casing

EC 36 Transmitter

SAM Smart Area Monitor

The EC 36 is a stand-alone transmitter. In every EC 36 there is a sensor, control electronic and relays for triggering of alarms. LEDs in the front panel immediately indicate the alarm. The signal output is provided as a 4..20 mA signal.

The EC 36 is the most enhanced single point gas detector available offering features never known to the industry. Equipped with AutoCal, the EC 36 can be comfortably calibrated in a matter of seconds. A 17 mm high backlight LCD-display indicates the gas concentration, status report and, if operated in service mode, all settings. In applications where the display of the EC 36 cannot be read because of its mounting position, a remote display is easily connected to an interface. Using the remote control, nonintrusive remote calibration can be performed, making forklifts or ladders a thing of the past.

  • Integrated alarm control
  • 3 alarm relays
  • AutoCal for easy and fast calibration
  • Illuminated 4-digit LCD display for easy reading
  • Extremely rugged casing
  • Remote control and remote display even for Ex endangered areas
  • Smart Sensor Technology

ZD 21 Transmitter

Low cost long-term solution

Particular long sensor life makes the ZD21 a low cost transmitter for oxygen monitoring. The expected lifetime for the sensor is 5 years in continuous operation. A robust aluminium casing protects the sensor and the circuitry from impacts, splash water and dirt.

The ZD21 is an "intelligent" transmitter. The comprehensive electronic allows for easy operation and maintenance and also increases the operational safety and accuracy. In less than 2 seconds the ZD21 responds to changing oxygen levels. This extremely short response time allows to take measures in time to prevent considerable damage.

  • Expected lifetime: 5 years
  • Extremely fast response time: t90< 2 sec.
  • No influences from pressure, humidity or temperature
  • No damage from CO2
  • Maintenance free, service check every year
  • Different detection ranges available

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