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Innova 1409 Multi Point Sampler

The INNOVA 1409 Multipoint Sampler from LumaSense Technologies is designed to extend the capabilities of LumaSense gas monitors. The 1409 is delivered as a 6, 12, or 24 channel Multipoint Sampler, enabling gas samples to be drawn from up to 24 different sampling locations and delivered to the gas monitor.

The sampling system is configured from the system controller: either directly via the front panel interface of the gas monitor, or using one of the available softwares (BZ7007 or LumaSoft 7870). The 1409 communicates with the gas monitor over a USB interface. When using LumaSoft 7870 as a system controller, the computer is connected to the gas monitor via the RS232 serial, USB, or Ethernet interface.

  • Full remote control over the USB interface: the system controller can either be the gas monitor or an online PC
  • 6 to 24 sample input channels depending on the configuration
  • Self-test function
  • Pneumatic system constructed of AISI-316 Stainless Steel and PTFE tubing to minimize gas adsorption
  • Integrates seamlessly with the INNOVA Photoacoustic Gas Monitors
  • LED indicators for active channel and interface

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