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Innova 1316-1 Multi Gas Monitor

The 1316-1 Multi Gas Monitor from LumaSense Technologies is a cost-effective gas monitor suitable for a variety of applications. The 1316-1 can measure up to five gases, including Oxygen, and can be easily customized for different measurement tasks by combining relevant modules and sensors.

For instance, in the basic configuration, a module measures the concentration of Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide and Hydrocarbons (as either n-Hexane or Propane). With optional sensors, the measurement of Oxygen and Nitric oxide can be added, all in one device. The 1316-1 does not require highly skilled operators. Its innovative design, based on proven measurement principles, ensures that calibrations are seldom required. The 1316-1 automatically compensates for drift using a zero calibration routine while measurements are performed.

  • Measures up to 5 gases
  • Cost-effective: low initial investment and cost of ownership
  • Short warm-up and fast response time
  • Stable: rarely needs calibration

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